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Baby Essentials- Item of the week! April 11th

Item of the Week!

Here is a great item to help with those nauseating first trimester smells! It is a wonderful peppermint scented room refresher spray!

Peppermint Room and Linen Freshening Spray

This spray has the perfect amount of scent to rid of those nauseating smells during pregnancy or to rid of dirty diaper scents. It can also be used to refresh any room in the house or all of your linens. It comes in a 2.7 oz bottle. More scents are available, just convo us!

Other Usage Tips:
• Spray on a wash cloth and toss in the dryer.
• Spritz on pet beds to help freshen them up.
• Spritz on your air conditioner filters to scent your home.
• Makes great air fresheners for motor vehicles.
• Great to use as a scent refresher on sachets.

Directions: Spray the air and your fabric surfaces as desired. Not intended for use as a body spray for humans or pets. Also not intended for use on silk or leather. For external use only. Keep away from small children.

Here are some facts about the first trimester and some stories from Gayla and Crystal about their pregnancies!

When we found out:

When Gayla found out she was pregnant she was in disbelief, so much so that she took 4 tests!

Crystal got pregnant with her first baby at the age of 16. When she found out, she was sitting in a bathroom with her mother scared to death.
Her second baby was conceived when she was 18. It was much more relaxed this time around, aside from her husband nearly having a heart attack.


When Gayla was pregnant with her son she craved Hard Salami and Green Beans!

Crystal craved McDonald's Chicken Nuggets with her daughter, and she craved Hamburger and Ice Chips when she was pregnant with her son.


When Gayla was pregnant, she was repulsed at the smell of hamburger! She was a live in nanny at the time and was constantly cooking hamburger for the family. She would have to stir the meat, and then run to the bathroom, then stir the meat, and run to the bathroom!

Crystal could not even enter a grocery store! The smell of anything fruity would instantly trigger the gag reflexes.

Facts about pregnancy:

Did you know.......

You CAN get pregnant while on birth control. Condoms are never a sure thing, they can break or have holes in them. If you are on the pill, patch or shot, and you take antibiotics, your birth control is less likely to work. Abstinence is the only sure way to avoid pregnancy.

During early pregnancy you may have what is called implantation bleeding. It could just be light spotting to a flow like a normal period. While it is usually light and lasts only a few days, it could last for as many as 7 days and could reoccur every month. That is why it is difficult for some women to recognize they are pregnant.


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